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D-Day 80th Anniversary

In the lead-up to June 6, 1944, the precision and reliability of Colchester lathes played a crucial role in the manufacturing of equipment that supported the Allied forces. Our lathes were instrumental in producing essential components for vehicles, aircraft, and naval vessels, helping to ensure that the machinery used in Operation Overlord was built to the highest standards of quality and durability.

This anniversary is not just a time to remember the bravery and sacrifice of those who fought on the front lines, but also to honour the industrious spirit and dedication of those who worked behind the scenes. The craftspeople and engineers at Colchester exemplified the ingenuity and resilience that were vital to the war effort.

As we commemorate this significant milestone, we are reminded of our heritage of precision engineering and our ongoing commitment to excellence. The legacy of our contributions during WWII continues to inspire us to this day, driving us to innovate and maintain the highest standards in our industry.

Join us in remembering and honouring the efforts of all who contributed to the success of D-Day. Let us continue to build a future grounded in the same principles of dedication, quality, and resilience.

This Colchester lathe was made in Colchester, Essex in 1941 as a part of the war effort.

D-Day image & logo credit: D-Day 80 campaign