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Colchester’s range of TYKMA Electrox industrial laser engraving machines offer permanent laser marking for identification, bespoke design and traceability.
The machines’ ability to mark almost any material, surface and composition makes them suited to a wide variety of industries and applications.
Available in a range of sizes, from compact desktop units to larger free standing units’ with expansive marking areas and custom builds which offer an almost limitless marking with 3 and 4 axis variations.

Olympus Technologies is an innovative robotic integrator, specialising in delivering high quality bespoke turnkey projects across multiple sectors, as well as creating ‘off the shelf’ robotic solutions for common business processes, including welding, palletising and laser marking.
The collaboration is a result of a world leading manufacturer of high spec engine components requiring a turnkey solution for their application.
Their application consists of permanent marking and verification of large volume manufactured components.
The project was to replace manual acid etching system for marking 2D code and serial numbers, which was extremely labour intensive and often resulted in low quality code which was difficult to read with a barcode scanner, an essential part of the process.
Colchester provided a LaserGear BOQX a low cost, high spec laser system to replace the acid etch code. Olympus Technologies then integrated the laser into their specialised production cell which processes trays of components from start to finish with the single press of a button.
The robot communicates with the laser for the entire marking process including opening the door, picking and placing the component and setting the correct focal height. The robot selects the correct template, initiates the mark and on completion removes and verifies the component, all without the need for operator input.
The system is based on communication through the lasers Icon interface software and a bespoke programme written by Olympus.
With an expected life span of 100,000 marking hours from the laser and the reliability of the fully automated system, this bespoke manufacturing cell should provide reliability and cost savings for the customer for many years to come.

Automation and integration is extremely accessible and inclusive, with cost-effective entry level cells including a laser marking machine and robotic arm available to buy as off-the-shelf products. All cells come with full installation and training as standard alongside Colchester’s full service and support.
Key benefits of adding automation to the process include speed, consistency and capacity ideal for batch production applications. There is no requirement for human involvement, allowing longer run cycles and the all-important and ever present social distancing.
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