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Pratt Burnerd Gripsafe Gripmeter

This new, innovative product, suitable for use on all makes of chuck, has been developed to help customers comply with health and safety legislation, allowing them to ensure that their chucks remain fit for purpose.

The NEW Gripsafe is a vital Health and Safety instrument. The facts are clear – if your chuck is poorly maintained, has damage or excessive wear, grip force can be seriously compromised.

This is relevant on all lathes, from manual through to full CNC lathes and turning centres, whether industrial or educational. No one can afford to ignore the loss of grip that chucks succumb to over time, which can rapidly become a hazard if not maintained and monitored regularly. Pratt Burnerd believe that the Gripsafe will prove to become a welcome tool for Health and Safety managers and lathe operators alike, who have to meet exacting safety standards.

The Gripsafe ensures reliable and accurate measurement of the gripping force being applied by the chuck under both static and rotating conditions. All that is required is to clamp the Gripsafe unit in the chuck and quickly run the tests, with instant results.

You will know immediately if your chuck needs attention or replacing.

The Gripsafe, utilising the latest ‘state of the art’ WiFi communication technology and unique embedded software provides end-users with many valuable features including providing extensive data collection and analysis and storage.

The Gripsafe accurately measures static & dynamic chuck gripping forces up to 100kN per jaw at a rotational speed up to a maximum of 6000 rpm and is:

– compatible with all 3 and 2 jaw chucks
– supplied with extension rings to enable use with increased diameter chucks
– able to connect to any WiFi compatible device
Additionally, the in-built Gripsafe software provides real-time data capture incorporating all essential functions needed to conclude analysis.

Its main features include:

– Rechargeable battery with USB charging interface and battery level indicator
– No additional software is required as all application software is embedded into the Gripsafe device
– Multiple machine ‘file save’ and ‘session features
– Data export to .CSV file function
– Test certification print facility with automatic time and date stamping
– Automatic re-calibration reminder
The Gripsafe gripmeter can be purchased outright, or alternatively be rented for an agreed timeframe to suit individual maintenance schedules.

Howard Bamforth, sales director at 600 UK said “Our aim at 600 UK and Pratt Burnerd is to continually develop products through our UK based research and manufacturing team to bring the best new machine tool and chucking products to the market for our customers. We firmly believe that the Gripsafe chuck force measurement gripmeter, falls directly into that category with its innovative, design giving customers clear value and fully satisfying their ever growing need to comply with Health and Safety legislation.”

For further information, contact:

Howard Bamforth, 600 UK Sales Director
Philip Cullen, 600 Group Marketing Manager

Tel: +44 (0) 1924 415000