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Heavy duty box way Typhoon CNC Turning Centres from Colchester, bringing highlly capable, accurate and strong performing sub-spindle and Y-axis machines to cover every high-speed turning requirement.

The Typhoon Twin Spindle Series, contrsucted from a one piece cast base, incorporates FEM analysis to achieve optimal structure to further enhance machine ridigity and stability.

Strong castings and the perfect box way structure provides excellent cutting capacity for the Typhoon Twin Spindle Series. Sub-spindle with milling and Y-axis functions can satisfy any cutting application.

• The 30° slant bed design has a low centre of gravity for easier swarf management and better ergonomics

• The typhoon twin spindle series can achieve maximum 20 m/min for the X axis and 25 m/min for the Z axis.

• Servo motors are fitted with absolute encoders for faster and more reliable positioning.

For a more comprehensive list of specifications and features of the Colchester Typhoon Twin Spindle series range, please click on the downloads or contact us on +44 (0) 01924 415000.