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Our exciting collaboration with Olympus Technologies has enabled us to offer fully integrated turnkey solutions for our permanent laser marking machines.

Now offering a new interface between our range of TYKMA Electrox Laser Marking Machines and Olympus Technologies Universal Robots A/S enabling automation of the laser marking process.

With the new UR+ certified 'Colchester Laser Marking Interface', the robot arm takes care of the entire process; from loading and starting a specific laser marking program, to the unloading of finished product.

Featuring easy-to-use programming, this new solution offers seamless collaboration between robot and laser marking system.

The key benefits to automating your laser process are speed, consistency and capacity - enabling batch processing & 2nd or 3rd shift capabilities with ease. Compatible with Class 1 & Class 4 lasers.

To discuss your project and create bespoke turnkey solutions contact us on 01924 415000. 

In collaboration with Olympus Technologies - olympustechnologies.co.uk

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