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About Colchester Machine Tool Solutions

For over a century, Colchester Machine Tool Solutions has been a trusted name in the engineering and manufacturing industry, delivering high-quality machine tools that set the standard for excellence. Our legacy is built on the foundations of three prestigious brands: Colchester, Harrison, and Pratt Burnerd International.

Industries We Serve

Our extensive range of machine tools and accessories are utilised across various industries, including general engineering, oil & gas, automotive, aerospace, medical, defence and education & training establishments globally.

Why Choose Us

Heritage and Expertise:
With over 100 years of innovation and expertise, we are committed to delivering exceptional machine tools that drive efficiency and precision in manufacturing.

Comprehensive Solutions:
Our diverse product range ensures that we can meet the needs of any industrial application, providing reliable and high-performance solutions.

Global Recognition:
Our brands, Colchester, Harrison & Pratt Burnerd International, are synonymous with quality and durability, trusted by professionals worldwide.