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Nottingham-based Strata Products Ltd is a leading UK manufacturer of home, office & garden plastic products. Their state-of-the-art factory operates 24/7 with over 35 machines injection moulding, blow moulding or rotationally moulding high quality and innovative products for their global customer base.

With such great demand and stress on their tooling, significant maintenance and machining of spare parts is required to keep it all in "tip-top condition". Colchester Machine Tool Solutions therefore took the opportunity to provide several machines fit to Strata's exact requirements.

Health & safety is paramount throughout Strata's workshop, therefore Colchester provided multiple machines with bespoke safety features, such as additional guarding, emergency stops and a paper filtration system to capture harmful materials. This was done to maintain a high level of safety precautions, as well as keep Strata's workshop running smoothly 24/7.

Ben Hyder, engineering manager at Strata, said Colchester machines are very user friendly and easy to program, as well as being very useful to correct any issues with their tooling.

Full list of machines installed at Strata

  • Manual bed mill, with guarding and emergency knee stop
  • Surface grinder, covered grinding table/ends for safety and a paper filtration system
  • Pillar drill, with with ground emergency stop
  • Triumph, with emergency knee stop
  • Student Plus, with full guarding (as standard)

If you are in need of machines that are fit for an exact purpose or specific health & safety requirements, contact us today!

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