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Lightning is a Class 4 laser marking system that is ideal for use in an open environment or integrated into production lines.

Lightning is powerfully simple – an affordable permanent laser marking system with robust marking capabilities. Featuring a high-quality MOPA fibre laser source, Lightning can effortlessly and effectively mark a large range of metal and plastics at the press of a button.

Mount Lightning to a tool-post for marking applications which require open space and flexibility. Integrate Lightning into automated lines for unattended or turnkey applications.

Features & Benefits

  • MOPA fibre laser source provides high-quality and effortless marking
  • 15 selectable pulse durations means that Lightning can mark a wider range of metal and plastics than a basic q-switched fibre laser system.
  • Lightning’s easy setup and maintenance enables excellent ease of use for the operator
  • A RAL (Red Aiming Laser) allows you to accurately position the part before starting the marking process.
  • EZCAD user-friendly software allows the operator to create text or image-based graphics and fine tune in real-time
  • Optional extras include larger marking fields, higher wattage laser sources, rotary devices for radial marking and fume extraction.

We can offer bespoke application engineering and product training as standard on all of our lasers. Call us on +44 (0) 1924 415 000 or email for more information.

Type Class 4
Marking field (mm) 100 x 100 (250 x 250 option)
Laser type MOPA fibre
Laser power (W) 20
Control USB type B
Mains input (V) 110-240

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