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High-performance pillar drills, designed to meet the exacting needs of the modern engineering and manufacturing industries.

Colchester’s range of pillar drills are known for their robustness and long-life cycle, designed to prevent vibrations and noise. Generous safety factors ensure resistance to material fatigue even after 20 years.

These machines are heavier than competitors, reflecting their substantial build quality and superior performance.

Drill housings feature thick walls and large casting radii made from high-strength, dampening materials, ensuring consistent heat balance during continuous industrial use.

The pillars have larger diameters, thicker walls, and a solid inner centre bar, ensuring a torsion-free, right-angled head construction and effective vibration dampening.

Drives are designed for long service life and smooth operation, with larger bearing combinations, high-quality V-belt drives, and optimized gear drives to minimize wear.

Standard Features

  • Heavy duty industrial drilling machines complete with variable speed settings
  • Belt drive or heavy duty gear transmission
  • Bench or floor mounted
  • Perfect for production applications with quick-change tooling
  • Heavy duty precision head ensures exact alignment
Drilling Capacity - Steel / Cast Iron 18 mm (Min) / 70 mm (Max) 25 mm (Min) / 80 mm (Max)
Spindle Taper 4MT (Min) 5MT (Max)
Column ø 100 mm (Max) 220 mm (Max)

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